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HM1000x  LRT
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Capable of sub 1-inch groups out to 100 yards, the HM1000x LRT by RAW Airguns is the ultimate in long-range precision. The most accurate pre-charged pneumatic air rifle made in the USA has been designed with hunters and competitors in mind. The LRT combines reliability, accuracy, and American craftsmanship to provide confidence in hand that is unmatched by any other air rifle. At the heart of the LRT is the proven HM1000x receiver featuring our high-power tune allowing the LRT to create up to 50 foot-pounds of muzzle energy in .22 and 60 foot-pounds in .25. The fully regulated design ensures that shot strings are consistent and the 480-cc carbon fiber bottle ensures that you will have enough air on board for extended stays at the range or in the field. Every HM1000x LRT features a Lothar Walther, polygon rifled barrel that, after being fitted to the receiver, is tested to ensure accuracy before it leaves the factory.

The LRT stock provides excellent ergonomics and true ambidexterity. The pistol grip features generous palm swells, a steep grip angle, and a checkered finish for a positive, non-slip grip. The forend sports a flat underside providing a solid contact surface for shooters wanting to use there HM1000x LRT from a benchrest. 5 M-Lok slots are integrated into the forend so that off the shelf accessories such as bipods, sling studs, and Q.D. attachments can be easily added without the use of specialty adaptors. The LRT stock’s cheek piece is height adjustable as well as the butt pad. The two can be adjusted in combination to give shooters the perfect position on the rifle to allow for maximum accuracy.

The HM1000x LRT fires from a rotary magazine that holds 12 shots in .22 and .25, 9 shots in .30, and 7 shots in .357. Single Shot trays are also available for those wanting to hand load their rifles. The side lever cocking mechanism offers unmatched smoothness as well as hardened steel linkage ready for a lifetime of shooting. The trigger is a fully adjustable version of our TM1000 target trigger with an added safety catch and features polished and hardened steel parts for durability and smoothness.

The RAW HM1000x LRT builds on the heritage of its forbearers while adding updated features that hunters and competitors have asked for, combining to create the pinnacle airgunning experience. Whether in the field or on the competition firing line, RAW delivers.


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Chris Sims with Eco Wildlife Solutions
Sep 3, 2018
I was introduced to Rapid Air Weapons thru a team mate with Farm Snipers Jim Walton during my search for an upgrade to my current harvesting rifle. In the harvesting world we demand the utmost accuracy as most of our shots are in high tolerance shooting environments required to hit very small targets at extreme distances. I was accustomed to making shots out to 75 yards with great accuracy as I thought. I contacted Martin and had a lengthy discussion on what I was looking for and he steered me into the HM1000X LRT and assured me that this would be like no other rifle I had ever shot or held. I trusted his expertise and ordered my HM1000X LRT in a left handed action for quicker bolt cycling while remaining on trigger for follow up shots. I began the waiting time by watching every video available on this awesome rifle. After the allotted time to build perfection had expired I received a call that my rifle was built and ready for testing. I ask for a photo update of the rifle and the targets used in testing. I was in awe of the rifle and the precision shooting out of it. I was sent a target shot 12 times at 100 yards with a single hole covered with a US Nickle. After seeing this I was excited to receive my rifle and begin shooting with it. When the rifle arrived I was shocked at the build quality and attention to detail provided by one of the few remaining custom built by hand air rifles on the market today. The fit was held to the tightest tolerances and the fit was second to none. I utilize my rifle in the harvesting industry shooting for depredation permits removing invasive and nuisance wildlife for customers. With this said let me report to you that 150 yard accurate humane shots are not out of the question. They are both very capable shots and repeatable shots. I have made accurate humane shots out to 125 yards on numerous occasions with repeatable accuracy. I shot targets out to 325 yards making hits easily on 18 inch targets. Let me assure you that this rifle is the pinnacle of all air rifle weapons systems. I offer my upmost recommendation to anyone in the market for a Rapid Air Weapons to pull that trigger on the order and enjoy the wait. The quality is so worth the wait.
Umair Bhaur
May 26, 2018
I am from Pakistan.
I just bought two HM1000X .25 60 ftlb with Polygonal barrels.
I had in my mind that I will sell out one of them as my friend for whom the 2nd gun was had backed out and I did not want to leave a made to order gun. Looked unethical to me.
But once I saw the gun and used mine I fell in love with it.
Now I plan to keep the both and convert one of these into .22.

Martin is always there to help me out.

Great cooperation.

Dec 3, 2017
I recently received my new RAW LRT rifle in .177 and could not be more pleased. I shot for a number of years in 600/1000 yard rifle matches with a variety of custom rifles but wanted to move into the air rifle world shooting both field target and benchrest matches at a local club. I called Martin and after a fairly lengthy discussion, he recommended a modified version of his LRT rifle in .177 that he thought would be competitive in both types of matches. During the wait period while the rifle was being built, I shot a variety of other air rifles at the local club and had a lot of questions. Martin patiently answered all of them and even called me the night before actually building the rifle to go over all the particulars of the rifle to ensure I received a rifle that would meet my needs. The rifle he delivered is exceptional in all regards. It is an extremely accurate rifle with multiple chronographed extreme spreads of less than 2 FPS. The fit and finish are outstanding. Price and delivery time were as quoted/promised. If you are looking for an exceptional rifle built by a person who is willing to take the time and effort to ensure it will also meet your requirements, give Martin a call. You won't be disappointed.
Oct 31, 2017
I recently received my HM1000x LRT when I unboxed it the first thing I noticed what's the quality of all the components and how beautiful the stock was .In today's day and age it's hard to find this kind of quality .I bought mine in 25 caliber built around 33.9 grain JSB heavy pellet. I have only shot this rifle at the 50-yard range and I have to tell you the accuracy is staggering. I can empty a 12 round magazine and every round will group in less than half an inch with most of them less than a quarter of an inch. I own a Daystate Airwolf and an FX Impact both excellent rifles .What is my belief that the RAW is more accurate than both of them .Anybody looking for a top-of-the-line air rifle this is definitely the way to go .If you are like me a bench shooter the sky's the limit. I have 5 shot groups in well under a quarter of an inch .The way I received my rifle the trigger was perfect for bench shooting. I can't say enough good things about this rifle every time I shoot it I like it more and more. Great company great products.
Pat from Boston
Jun 29, 2017
Five stars, not even close, there is no other air rifle, other than the RAW HMX1000 with the LRT stock,That that deserves a ten star rating,these dream machines will tickle the fancy of the most finicky of connoisseurs,,the fit and finish of the beautiful laminate stock is nothing short of awesome,i just cant get over how well it all came together,thats just the looks and fit ,the cheek riser puts me dead on while in the aim,trigger is crisp, breaks like glass.my rifle shoots nickel size groups at fifty yards ,haven't stretched its legs yet ,will do this weekend,I have to say that this was the most enjoyable purchases that Ive ever made, from talking to Martin about all the different features i wanted ,Sandra ,who took all my phone calls [there were plenty]and answered all my questions ,,is one of the kindest people i have the pleasure of doing business with .thank you Sandra and martin for building me my dream rifle,, sincerely. Pat from Boston